Thermeq provides custom furnaces, ovens, and kilns that meet each customer’s unique needs.

We design both continuous and batch thermal processing equipment, using gas-fired, electric, and infrared heating. We manufacture new equipment and retrofit existing systems. We can design and build equipment, or build equipment based on our customer’s drawings.

We create heating systems to fit any application – using direct fired systems, radiant tube systems, and electrically heated systems.

Our thermal equipment features cooling systems that utilize mass flow, impingement, or radiation – depending on your application.

Thermeq will construct a heat transfer system around your specific capacity requirements. We achieve convection heat transfer by using custom-designed, high capacity re-circulating fans and plenums or with high velocity direct-fired burners. For radiation heat transfer, we utilize either radiant tubes or electrical heating elements.

We offer several conveyor options, including mesh and cast belts, roller hearths, chain conveyors, and custom-designed systems. In addition, we design and build belt cleaners.

We utilize many types of insulation systems, including castable, brick, ceramic fiber, mineral wool fiber, fiberboard, ramming plastic, and graphite board.

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  • Furnace, Oven, Kilns